Melton Mowbray Hotels

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There are towns throughout England which become defined by their contributions to culture and cuisine and within the East Midlands there are many. Leicestershire in particular has a long history as one of the nation's great food producing counties and the town of Melton Mowbray will be forever associated with the eponymous pork pie. An historic market town, the markets are still a regular feature after more than 1000 years and typify the history, hospitality and traditions of the town, which are reflected in the many fine Melton Mowbray hotels.

The history of the town is the history of rural middle England. With all the right foundations for agriculture and for distribution of goods to other parts of the country, the scene was set long ago for Melton Mowbray as an important Midlands town. That history is ever-present in the streets and architecture which has remained largely intact throughout the ages. The shop fronts and facings of many Melton Mowbray hotels may appear modern, with all the contemporary features expected from a vibrant dynamic town but look behind and above and a whole wealth of historic architecture is revealed.

The town has more than 700 buildings of architectural importance, some of which house some truly great hotels. These are filled with the character of their past and brought into the modern world through their facilities, which are tailored equally well for the leisure or business traveller. Some of the traditional hotels are elegant statements with an appeal which lends itself well to the luxuries in life, through rich furnishings, immaculate service and fine dining. Others will be smaller and more intimate, but no less charming in their aged appeal.

There are modern Melton Mowbray hotels too of course and while all hotels will offer a high standard of modern amenities such as guest rooms with digital televisions, direct dial telephones and internet access, modern hotels are more likely to have a greater degree of business-oriented facilities and services. These may include meeting and seminar rooms, computers and WiFi zones and sometimes also a full business centre with print, copy and fax facilities. Some hotels are associated with extended conference facilities and may offer accommodation packages for conference attendees.

The location of the town, in the heart of England means easy access for travellers and Melton Mowbray has a long history in providing hospitality for visitors. In most hotels this will be reflected in the dining facilities where some local favourites may grace the menu, and will certainly be the case in the traditional inns which have thrived for centuries by offering lodgings and sustenance to weary travellers.

Classic inn accommodation offers all the charm and historic appeal of the more exclusive Melton Mowbray hotels and a lot more besides. In addition to dining areas in which the meals will be created with classic home-cooked local produce there is usually a lively bar area with a local ambience and flavour, to be enjoyed with a drink and some company. Historic roadside inns often have other family-oriented features, such as outdoor seating, children's menus and play areas.

Additional leisure facilities in hotels will depend on their size, location and style. The area around Melton Mowbray is still largely rural in nature and home to some fantastic country house style hotels. These are often associated with specific leisure features such as spa facilities, golf and other indoor and outdoor sports. They are also often venues for out-of-town corporate retreats and team bonding activities. Melton Mowbray hotels are as varied as the town itself but what they all have in common is that people keep coming back for more.